Setting up a continuing relationship with Fondazione Musica per Roma means establishing a bond with one of the most prestigious structures in the world, a symbol of the City of Rome, active in Rome and all over Italy as an organisation communicating positive values that are shared with the wider community.

In view of the Foundation’s high artistic and cultural profile and the international reach and scientific rigour of the Musica per Roma productions, contributing to the development and spread of the Foundation’s numerous activities ensures many immediate benefits to companies due to the brand’s accumulated store of values, while the continuity of the programme of cultural events offers companies the opportunity to plan medium and long-term investments.

Supporting the Fondazione Musica per Roma can therefore become a lasting relationship of mutual benefit thanks to the link with initiatives recognised as landmarks not only within Italy but internationally.

1,000,000 spectators, over 2,000,000 visitors, over 1,000 events a year

enable us to offer companies a wide range of “tailormade” opportunities based on the specific requirements of their project.


our Partnership office is ready to help you become part of our story, so that together we can create unique experiences for you and your public.

Main Partner

Supports the activities of the Auditorium Parco della Musica on a continuous basis, contributing to the staging of events programmed by Fondazione Musica per Roma over several years, and linking their own company image to the entire range of activities of Musica per Roma and to the Auditorium as a whole.


Supports the annual programme of Fondazione Musica per Roma, contributing to the financing of the performance season and linking their own company image to the Auditorium Parco della Musica or the Casa del Jazz.

Technical Partner

Supports the annual programme of Fondazione Musica per Roma supplying goods or services through a system of technical exchange.

Media Partner

Supports the annual programme of Fondazione Musica per Roma, guaranteeing its publicity and communications through their own media.

Event Partner

Supports the staging of one of more specific events that are part of the annual programme of the Fondazione Musica per Roma, supporting the artistic content and associating their own brand with individual Festivals or Shows.


The benefits that derive from these relationships are worked out according to the sponsorship category that is activated, with a range of available sponsorship types.

Possible benefits that may be adapted based on the investment and the Company’s requirements:

Company logo featured on the institutional materials of the
Foundation or the Event, for example:
  • Posters and LED advertisements in the institutional publicity campaign or dedicated to promoting the Event
  • Videowall in the ticket office and vertical posters on noticeboards inside the Auditorium or Casa del Jazz
  • Page on the Auditorium website dedicated to partners with links from the logo to the page describing the partnership and to the company’s website
  • Advertisements in the national or local press
  • Flyers and brochures promoting the Event
  • Personalized ticket folders or pass lanyards
  • Name plate with logo to be placed on reserved seats
  • Logo on the backdrop in the auditorium before the event
  • Announcement in the auditorium before the event
Ticket and Hospitality Benefits
  • Allocation of complimentary tickets and/or tickets on special terms
  • Welcome desk reserved for partners, with a member of staff to ensure accreditation priority
  • Invitations reserved for the inaugurations of all exhibitions curated by the Fondazione
  • Hospitality vouchers (food&drinks)
  • Inclusion on mailing list for MpR promotions dedicated to clients/organizations for targeted promotional activities
Further potential benefits
  • Guided tour of the Auditorium and the museum network reserved for sponsors
  • Possibility to stage exclusive concerts
  • Pre-concert welcome cocktails – gala dinners
  • Opportunity to attend Parco della Musica Records recording or mixing sessions
  • Free or discounted use, subject to agreement, of Auditorium or Casa del Jazz spaces for company events
  • Free use of a dedicated space for company meetings or welcome cocktails on the occasion of a Festival event
  • Discounts on hiring spaces in the Auditorium and Casa del Jazz
  • Special discounts agreed with the Notebook bookshop and the Bar Centrale in the Parco della Musica
  • Senior members of the company present at the Festival presentation press conference and Company Profile in the press pack.
  • Involvement in production panels/content

Other benefits may be agreed based on particular requests. A bespoke partnership can be arranged, with particular strategies designed to suit the company’s specific objectives and requirements.

The Fondazione’s ability to understand and emphasize the image and communications needs of companies is such that several leading private companies have chosen to be our partners.

For further information and to consider all available opportunities with the Fondazione, contact:


As a legally established non-profit private foundation, the Fondazione Musica per Roma relies on the support of leading companies in order to be able to offer excellent services, top quality programmes, the chance to bring exceptional artists from all over the world, and the possibility to offer free events in order to bring cultural and artistic events to a broad and diverse public.

Our Partners enable us to achieve all of this and that is why the Fondazione wishes to thank them.



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