Author: Emanuele Camilli

Auditions are open for the multicultural choir “Il Cantamondo”

A project of Fondazione Musica per Roma and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

A choir to have fun, to feel part of a community, and of course to sing together! Auditions are now open for Cantamondo, the multicultural choir of boys and girls from elementary school in the city of Rome. The audition is open to all children, ages 7 to 10, who are willing to sing and have fun with us. Aimed at testing the musicality and intonation (and likability) of interested children, it requires no preparation but if the student(s) wish, they can bring in a piece of their own choosing.

Participation in the Choir will include, starting in November, one lesson per week on Saturday afternoons. Reservation for the auditions is mandatory, send an email to – by Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023 – indicating:

  • First name last name age of minor
  • Telephone reference of a parent

Multicultural Choir “The Cantamondo”

Directors Massimo Sigillò Massara and Francesca Rini

Tuesday, April 25 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Tor Bella Monaca Theater

Single ticket 5 euro

This first performance of the Multicultural Choir “The Cantamondo” is meant to be a tale in music of the journey that began last October. Learning how to be together, how to move together, and above all learning how to have fun while playing with singing while truly feeling that everyone is equally important in building a single voice.Through all the elements that characterize choral singing, even music theory we will recount all of this during the performance, making people sense, through music and storytelling, how beautiful, effective and challenging it is to build a new system together, one that welcomes in profoundly different languages and cultures with a single shared goal.

Closes with 15,000 attendees the 14th edition of Libri Come

The fourteenth edition of Libri Come Festa del Libro e della Lettura, produced by the Fondazione Musica per Roma and curated by Marino Sinibaldi, Rosa Polacco and Michele De Mieri, closes with 15,000 attendees, registering a 20 percent increase in audience numbers over the previous edition. Packed halls and all events sold out for this edition that centered on the theme of Power declined in all its forms and possible interpretations.

Among the countless writers who flocked from around the world to meet the audience of readers, students, and fans were Ian Mc Ewan, Emmanuel Carrère, Javier Cercas, David Grossman, Daniel Pennac, Zarifa Ghafari, Hakan Gϋnday, Orlando Figes, Valerij Panjuškin, Katja Petrowskaja, and Philippe Sands. Among the Italians Niccolò Ammaniti, Alessandro Barbero, Mauro Covacich, Paolo Giordano, Antonella Lattanzi, Loredana Lipperini, Francesca Mannocchi, Dacia Maraini, Melania Mazzucco, Daniele Mencarelli, Paolo Nori, Romana Petri, Francesco Piccolo, Rosella Postorino, Massimo Recalcati, Domenico Starnone, Walter Siti, Chiara Valerio, Sandro Veronesi, Zerocalcare.

“This was a very important edition both because of the theme addressed and because of the historical moment in which it was proposed,” says Daniele Pitteri, CEO of the Fondazione Musica per Roma . and the large participation of citizens shows how it is increasingly necessary for cultural institutions to stimulate reflection and debate around major current issues while trying to meet the increasingly urgent demand for answers to questions about the present. Fondazione Musica per Roma continues to pursue this goal by making appointments as early as April with the Science Festival and in May with Ethos Public Ethics Day.”

Parco della Musica Records: Dave Burrel’s Harlem Rhapsody out now.

Dave Burrel’s new recording project is a dialogue of relentless exploration and excitement, from the inside out, from ragtime to no-time.

Harlem Rhapsody represents the synthesis of my music and at the same time a glimpse of the future” declares Burrell “there is no fixed style, but a continuous interchange and exchange of information, invention and passion, between past and present, present and future: a dialogue of incessant exploration and excitement, from inside to outside, from ragtime to no-time“.

The artist then confides the intensity of his relationship with the Belpaese: “ Italy is my second home and with the city of Rome I have a special bond. I am proud and happy that this album was produced right here and is being presented at this historic moment. Italian audiences deeply understand and appreciate my music, and I am proud of that“.

Top Jazz 2022

Artists from Parco della Musica Records, the record label of the Fondazione Musica per Roma, have again this year won excellent results at Top Jazz 2022, the critics’ referendum held by the historic magazine Musica Jazz.

The critics’ referendum held by the historic magazine Musica Jazz awarded the following: 1st place for Mariasole De Pascali Nuovo Talento Italiano, 3rd place for Lydian Sound Orchestra as Formation of the Year, 4th , 6th and 11th place among Records of the Year respectively for Franco D’Andrea, Lydian Sound Orchestra, Ettore Fioravanti.

The Rome Centro di Produzione Musica admitted to FUS.

The Rome Centro di Produzione Musica, with Casa del Jazz and Auditorium Parco della Musica (Fondazione Musica per Roma), is among the seven Italian Music Production Centers eligible for ministerial funding from FUS, the Single Fund for Performing Arts.

It is a historic step that sees the approval for the purpose of Fus funding of the seven Music Production Centers of which five operate predominantly in the field of jazz music, a step that represents years of discussion and dialogue with the Ministry of Culture by the bodies involved and the major entities representing the sector, primarily the I-Jazz Association and the National Federation The Italian Jazz. It is with the publication of the decree of the Director General of Performing Arts dated July 19, 2022 that the officialization arrives: there are seven Music Production Centers eligible for funding; five of these operate specifically in the world of jazz we are talking about Adriatic Center Music Production Ets based in Pescara, We-Start – Piemonte Orientale Music on the initiative of Rest-Art Association of Novara, the Center directed by the Time in Jazz Association of Berchidda, the Music Production Center of Rome, with Casa del Jazz and Auditorium Parco della Musica (Fondazione Musica per Roma), Tuscany Music Production Ets on the Florence-Pisa axis (five entities adhering to I-Jazz).